ICSB Giving Tuesday: Make a Difference

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There has never been a more important time to support our small business community than now when so many small businesses are threatened financially by the global pandemic. Entrepreneurs are continually burdened to find employment solutions, solve supply chain disruptions, and navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing and product distribution that characterize the business world today. We know that you see these needs and we are urging you to join us and give to the International Council for Small Business so together we can continue to bring amazing educational webinars, conferences, and our innovative KHUBs to small businesses, as well as bring educational leaders and policymakers together to foster conversations that will bring solutions to the problems that SMEs have during these troubling times. This year, the continuing historic public health crisis has sent a reminder that our modern way of life and the fabric of our community depends fundamentally on the public’s ability to support the small businesses that sell us the food, products, and information that we need to survive.

Despite the changing times, our purpose remains the same: to be devoted to the interests and advancement of small businesses globally. Your support on this GivingTuesday will help us to be the premier global platform in support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and help these vital institutions continue to grow and thrive in our communities.