The Need For Nurturing Entrepreneurship

Monday, January, 20, 2020

The Need For Nurturing Entrepreneurship

January, Monday, 20, 2020

Should there be a focus on Promoting and Developing Digital Entrepreneurs Nationally and Internationally?

Europe and mainly Italy is the land of family businesses mostly categorized as small to medium enterprises. They are recognized to be the backbone of the current economy, enhancing international and local growth. Those companies have been surviving transferring their know-how from generation to the next generation. They have been increasing the employability rate and improving the wealth state of their own country.
But nowadays everywhere people, social media, and others voice out that those family businesses are looking outside their local territory, going to develop their business because it is cheap and more convenient. The employment rate is getting lower and the overall sentiment about the future economy is not so great. Young people are moving abroad to spot their lucky chance. Yet, the need for entrepreneurship is urgently emerging. Universities are designing programs to connect young people with opportunities to progress and empower them on their journey towards employment.
It gives students in higher education the chance to create their own company while still pursuing their studies (Read more…).

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