The ICSB 1st Virtual Family Business Research & Practice Conference

Monday, May, 18, 2020

Conference Overview

As family businesses account for some of the world’s most influential forms of business organization, ICSB, IPAG Entrepreneurship & Family Business Center with GW School of Business sees the study of this topic is essential for our members to be able to claim a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurial principles and small business practices. Family businesses currently account for over 70 percent of total business, amounting to nearly 65 percent of a certain nation’s GDP. An interesting topic, given the alternative manner of training and decision making, this ICSB Global Virtual Family Business Research and Practice Conference will bring the most impressive and stunning trends in family-run enterprises to the forefront of our attention. This conference is for researchers, professionals, and practitioners, and students looking to explore this realm of entrepreneurship. The outcome of this conference will include not only an increased understanding of the details around the family business but also a community of dedicated family business supporters. Please join us on May 26th from 9 am to 3 pm (EDT) as we take on the opportunities and challenges surrounding family businesses together!

Why Should You Join US!

The aim of the 1st Virtual Family Business Research Conference is to bring together scholars from different parts of world to exchange top research and knowledge on family firms during this challenging times.

Connecting to this unique group of passionate researchers will offer the chance to learn from models, theories, and research findings which could help shape your own research and also get inspiration for your own family business.

We organize an exciting program (keynote speakers, panel discussion, parallel paper sessions), you choose the location and then let’s just spend some quality and fun time together!


  1. Family Firm Entrepreneurship at the Edge of Chaos

  2. Temporary and Structural Shifts in Family Business Research & Practice

  3. Family Firms Amidst Crisis & Succession

  4. Game of Thrones Through Crisis Leadership & Family-Practice Fit

  5. Resilient Family Firms: Born to Innovate over Generations & Practice

  6. Family Firms Through Challenging Strategic Choices

  7. Family Firms, Community Pressure & Reputation

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