ICSB World Congress in

“Reshaping The World Through Innovative SMEs”
Taipei, Taiwan | June 26th–June 29th, 2018.

Every year, ICSB holds a Congress in a different area of the world to bring together practitioners, academics, and entrepreneurs to discuss medium, small, and micro-sized enterprises. The theme of the 2018 World Congress to be held in Taipei, Taiwan is “Reshaping the World Through Innovative SMEs,” which reaffirms the unshakable responsibility of SMEs in leading the world to the coming decades.


6th Asian SME Conference
10th to 13th September,
Tokyo, Japan.

“New Development of Small Business Policy and Management Towards an Evidence-Based Policy Making for SMEs.

The Asia Council for Small Business (ACSB) 2018 Conference (the 6th Asian SME Conference) calls for submissions of extended abstracts from a broad range of topics within the field of entrepreneurship and small business (SME) research in various institutional, organizational and governance contexts through a variety of theoretical lens and using different methodological approaches. It also calls for workshop proposals (session submissions) for academic tracks. The 6th Asian SME Conference is co-organized by ACSB, JICSB, JSPS 118th Committee, Japan Academy of Small Business Studies (JASBS) Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI).



University of Salerno in Partnership with International Council for small Business United Nations

ICSB is pleased to announce that the global dialog and movement in support of MSMEs and their contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will host a follow up gathering at the global conference at Salerno University on October 4-5, 2018. The UN SDGs, which have a target date of 2030, will take center stage in the discussion by thought leaders who will discuss the pursuit of guiding principles and implementation from alternative viewpoints.

The main theme of the conference will be discussed both in plenary and parallel sessions that will take place between Thursday, October 4th and Friday, October 5th. The plenary sessions, in particular, will be based on the contributions of renown academics, esteemed politicians, and recognized (humane) entrepreneurs, who will take part in the debate as key speakers, discussants, or story-tellers.


GW October

“New Frontiers in Entrepreneurship and the Definition of Work”
Washington DC, United States | October 23-24, 2018 (TBC).

The George Washington University School of Business will host the 8th Annual GW October Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference. The conference theme will be New Frontiers in Entrepreneurship and the Definition of Work. The conference will bring together practitioners, educators, policy makers and industry CEOs and leaders to explore the concept of the new entrepreneurial frontiers like automation and universal basic income – identifying key stakeholders and how they can collaborate for success. We will discuss specific examples where pioneering growth in these new entrepreneurial frontiers are taking place.


Sustainable Entrepreneurship: a
Win-Win Strategy for the Future
15th to 17th November 2018,
Toledo, Spain.

Nowadays, there is an increasing social and political awareness of the importance of the development of sustainable innovations. Entrepreneurs have realized in the last decades that they can contribute to social welfare as well as to an “ecologically sustainable economy”.
Research on entrepreneurship and on small and medium-sized enterprises has to respond to a challenge of practice and seek answers to the most urgent problems, as well as follow the trend of the most important developments in the contemporary world economy. The RENT conference is now firmly established as the premier entrepreneurship research conference in Europe and annually brings together approximately 250 leading academics in this field who present and debate cuting edge research in a wide variety of entrepreneurship related topics.


Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit 2018.
15th to 18th November 2018,

Entrepreneurship and enterprise development is one of the fundamental approaches to productive employment and decent work. The International Labour Organization in collaboration with the International Council for Business and Entrepreneurship (ICSB), and its affiliate, the Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE) have organized three annual entrepreneurship summits during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Egypt focusing on the creation of an enabling environment for sustainable enterprises, supporting the transition to formality, increasing firm participation in national and global chains, and by informing evidence based policy decisions. These decisions include the launch of new venture capital fund for USD 50 million, the enactment of regulatory reforms and scaling up of new entrepreneurship curricula, and training programmes. This year, while still looking back but more looking ahead, the summit will focus on the FUTURE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP in terms of education, work, technology and production. The summit will feature plenary sessions, parallel panel discussion, futures, foresight and horizon scanning techniques (such as Future Back-casting exercises or design thinking sessions), world cafes and the every year highlight the Nawah Social Entrepreneurship internationally, regionally and nationally. Experts from many fields, including but not limited to, SME leaders, corporations, academics, government officials and policy makers, artists, entrepreneurs, youth, entrepreneurship supporting organizations such as incubators, accelerators and educational- and training institutions are gathered to discuss barriers and celebrate successes.


USASBE 2019 – Navigating Opportunity
January 23-27th, 2019, TradeWinds
Island Grand Resort, St. Pete Beach,

USASBE is an inclusive community advancing entrepreneurship education through bold teaching, scholarship, and practice. Held each January in locations around the country, the annual USASBE Conference convenes 500+ entrepreneurship educators that engage in an immersive four-day experience.
The foremost conference focused on entrepreneurship education will showcase innovative entrepreneurship research, teaching cases, teaching exercises and also create a forum for center directors and affiliates to present programs and ask for ideas.



• 2017 62nd Annual ICSB World Conference. Hosts: ICSB, RED PYMES. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Theme: Towards a new world mobilized by innovative SMEs and Entrepreneurs.
• 2016 61st Annual ICSB World Conference. Hosts: ICSB, United Nations Global Compact, Stevens Institute of Technology, and the NYU School of Professional Studies. NJ/NY, USA. Theme: Sustainable Entrepreneurship – Transforming Our World Together.
• 2015. 60th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: ICSB & The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). Dubai, UAE. Theme: Entrepreneurship at a Global Crossroads.
• 2014. 59th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: Dublin Institute of Technology & ECSB. Dublin, Ireland. Theme: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.
• 2013. 58th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: ICSB Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Ponce, Puerto Rico. Theme: Global-Local: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lessons from a Diverse World.
• 2012. 57th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: Massey University & SEAANZ. Wellington, New Zealand. Theme: Leading From The Edge: Through Collaboration, Creativity and Sustainability.
• 2011. 56th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum & ECSB. Stockholm, Sweden. Theme: Back to the Future: Changes in Perspectives of Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
• 2010. 55th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: University of Cincinnati Center for Entrepreneurship Education & Research. Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Theme: Entrepreneurship: Bridging Global Boundaries.

• 2009. 54th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: ICSB KOREA. Seoul, South Korea. Theme: The Dynamism of Small Business: Theory, Practice, and Policy.
• 2008. 53rd Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: CCSBE. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Theme: Advancing Small Business and Entrepreneurship: From Research to Results.
• 2007. 52nd Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: ECSB. Turku, Finland. Theme: At the Crossroads of East and West: New Opportunities for Entrepreneurship and Small Business.
• 2006. 51st Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: SEAANZ. Melbourne, Australia. Theme: Unique Solutions for Unique Environments.
• 2005. 50th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: USASBE. Washington, DC. Theme: Golden Opportunities for Entrepreneurship.
• 2004. 49th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: SAESBA. Johannesburg, South Africa. Theme: Advancing the SME Agenda.
• 2003. 48th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: ECSB, Invest Northern Ireland & University of Ulster. Belfast, Northern Ireland. Theme: Advancing Entrepreneurship and Small Business.
• 2002. 47th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: ICSB Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Theme: Entrepreneurial SMEs & Strategic Relationships: Making the Connection.
• 2001. 46th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: ICSB-ROC. Taipei, Taiwan. Theme: SMEs in a Traditional-and-New Mixed Era.
• 2000. 45th Annual ICSB World Conference. Host: SEAANZ. Brisbane, Australia. Theme: Entrepreneurial SMEs: Engines of Growth in the New Millennium.

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