ICSB & ISBE Team-up for High Impact Research Papers and Workshops at ICSB World Congress 2020 in Paris!

Tuesday, March, 3, 2020

ICSB & ISBE Team-up for High Impact Research Papers and Workshops at ICSB World Congress 2020 in Paris!

Tuesday, March, 3, 2020

About the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) enables excellence in small business across research, policy, practice and learning communities. ISBE seeks to connect its membership and communities to pursue excellence in the field of small business and entrepreneurship.

Founded in the mid-1970s, following the publication of the 1971 Bolton Report, informal meetings led to the founding of the Institute in the late ’80s. Now over 4000 members strong, ISBE has a rich history of responsive debate on small business and entrepreneurship through its events, policy think-tanks, and publications. For more information, click here.

ISBE Papers and Workshops

ICSB’s 2020 World Congress in Paris invites ISBE scholars to submit research papers and workshops through a dedicated track (called ‘ISBE’) in the ICSB Submission System. The submission deadline is March 22. The Track Co-Chairs for ISBE will be Dr. Kiran Trehan.

Dr. Kiran Trehan, ISBE President

As President for ISBE, Kiran’s main objective is to advance an impactful agenda which has a real influence on policy and reflects the growth and ISBE’s vision of enabling excellence in entrepreneurship and small business research.

Kiran Trehan is Pro-Vice Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Centre for Women’s Enterprise, Leadership, Economy & Diversity at The University of York. Professor Trehan is a key contributor to debates on leadership, enterprise development, and diversity in small firms and businesses. She has led a number of leadership, enterprise, and business support initiatives and has extensively published in journals, policy reports, books and book chapters. Her work has been supported by grants from a full range of research funding bodies; including the Economic and Social Research Councils and Arts Humanities Research councils, government departments, regional and local agencies including Local Enterprise Partnerships and Chambers of Commerce and the private sector. Professor Trehan has held national and international advisory roles that shape debates and policy in diversity and enterprise and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Birmingham.

Dr. Simon Raby, ISBE International Representative

As ISBE’s International Representative, Simon’s main objective is to encourage international collaboration between ISBE and like-minded scholars and organizations that raise the profile of research in small business and entrepreneurship. Dr. Raby moved to Canada in 2015 to conduct a program of research on the growth of Alberta’s Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to understand the drivers of growth, innovation, and diversification for these firms. This research has since led to the creation of “The Leader’s Growth Mindset”.

Simon is a Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Mount Royal University’s Bissett School of Business (Calgary, Canada), Associate Director for the University’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Director for the Growth Compass. The Growth Compass is focused on delivering evidence-based insights on business growth and scaling. Simon’s research program seeks to uncover the strategies, practices, and methods of support that enable business growth, leadership transitions and people performance in small firm contexts. Simon is an experienced educator, scholar, and practitioner, and author of books, case studies, and journal/newspaper articles, and has experience in growth strategy and innovation consulting.

ICSB invites everyone to the ICSB World Congress in Paris, France to showcase their creative ideas, inventions, inspirations, and achievements in Entrepreneurship and support to SMEs.

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