Lifetime Acheivement Award
June 27 MSMEs Day

June 27 is the International Name Day for the United Nations celebrating Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs).
ICSB recognizes individuals and organizations that were unstoppable and who redefined the way we live, work and engage with MSMEsplay. 

The June 27 MSMEs Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals and organizations that persistently provide extraordinary support for entrepreneurs and micro-, small business enterprises (MSMEs).

Starting in 2019, the ICSB President, President-Elect, and ICSB Executive Director have to unanimously agree on the winners. Any nominee can be presented for consideration by any ICSB member. 

June 27 MSMEs Lifetime Achievement Awards nominees have to be supported through recognized partners in 10 countries covering at least four continents. They have to have an established track record of excellence in either education, research, policy or practice. They have to have supported ICSB throughout the last ten years and showcase the impact of their support.

Winners of the June 27 MSMEs Lifetime Achievement Awards receive recognition at the United Nations on June 27 (MSMEs Day). Their names are inscribed on the Hall of Fame wall at the ICSB June 27 Lifetime Achievement Award in Washington, D.C. 

The 2019-2020 June 27 MSMES
Lifetime Achievement Awards Winners

Dr. George Solomon (left), professor at the George Washington University, is the founder and creater of the whole domain of Entrepreneurship Education. His vision of the importance of entrepreneurship education started this whole movement the world is experiencing today. A visionary leader that is globally recognized.



Dr. KiChan Kim, the most recognized and respected scholar in S. Korea in the area of entrepreneurship and small business. The co-founder the Humane Entrepreneurshp global initative. Dr. KiChan Kim is the ambassador of global ideas to help employees and bridge the concept of doing well and doing good together.



Dr. Jeff Cornwall is an educator and researcher at Belmont College. He is the first to see the power of social media in education and created a complete enterprise dedicated to the entrepreneurial mindset. He is an innovator and a global visionary that sees new trends before becoming mainstream.




Dr. Alex DeNoble, professor at San Diego State University, is the premier advocate for cross-border entrepreneurship education. He designed, developed, and executed the San Diego State University and CETYS (Mexico) cross-campus and country entrepreneurship initative. His focus on entrepreneurship education with a cultural foundation is globaly unique and a standard for excellence. 



Dr. Jeffrey Alves, professor, business owner, educator, researcher, Dean, and now writer is one of the few global leaders  that have successfully supported MSMEs through various roles and duties. His vision of connecting the needs of MSMEs and the available opportunties created ICSB 2020 vision. 




Dr. Charles Matthews saw the global trend of the MSMEs before it became mainstream. His tremendous support of showcasing MSMEs have resulted in many global organzitions to take action. His relentless support of buiding bridges with China opened new dicussions, ideas, and friendships.