Sr. Muhamad Shafri Abd Samad, MIGRSM, P.Tech

  Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  BGR Group of Companies

Sr. Muhamad Shafri Abd Samad, MIGRSM, P.Tech

Hi, World.

I am the principal of this registered SME, Malaysia consultancy company, known as BGR and one of registered active members for several international institute of professional bodies. I am a person who loves to travel around the world, but due to this pandemic, this matter is a bit complicated at the moment. So below are my international membership and the main core services for the professional business

Institution active members of

  • Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors.United Kingdom.
  • Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute.Australia.
  • .

    Business main overview

    BGR engaged in services and consultancy works primarily to land surveys such as Engineering surveys, Cadastral surveys, Strata, Topographical surveys, Hydrographic surveys, Mining surveys, Geo-Information, GPS Control Monitoring, Photogrammetry, Underground utilities detection and Data capture & Conversion services in worldwide industry.

    BGR are respected company in terms of providing area information before a project is in progress or underway to complement measurement accuracy and is committed to keeping in line with city and district planners, We also proficient in providing a blueprint for further design sessions by consultants as well as other agencies.

    BGR also expert and specialize into Mechanical and Engineering works such as servicing work on mechanical Water tank, plumbing, installation of any pipe sleeve or main utility pipe, do cold water and sanitary, air conditioning services and installation including building maintenance.

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    Malaysia Companies Act 614, Act 1965 (Revised–1973) 
    Registered SME company of Malaysia