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The Korean Association of Small Business Studies (KASBS) conducts the following projects to achieve the purpose of contributing to the development of small businesses through initiating research and enlightenment and encouraging companionship among them. (1) Researching on theories and practices of small businesses, (2) Permitting studies and researches on small businesses, (3) Publishing journals and books, (4) Presenting researchers and studies, (5) Partnering with other associations that support KASBS’s purpose, and (6) Other projects to achieve KASBS’s purpose.

In June 2009, ICSB Korea hosted the 54th Annual ICSB World Conference in Seoul, South Korea. For pictures, please click HERE.



Council members Don Myers, Bob Butler and Gene Bonk met Ki-Jong Ryu, the head of the Korean Federation of Small Business, and Yoon-Bae Ouh, of Soong Sil University, at a World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises meeting in 1984. Almost immediately these key Korean leaders formed an ICSB chapter. Within a very short time, it reached the requisite level of 50 members for affiliate status, mostly industry members. Within five years, it had 100 members. Its first president, Ki-Jung Ryu, was elected a Wilford White Fellow that same year, and Yoon-Bae Ouh became ICSB’s first president from a Pacific Rim country. In 1993, acting for ICSB-Korea, its President Sang Kyu Park donated $5,000 toward the publication on the ICSB Membership Directory.


The Journal of Small Business Innovation (JSBI), a quarterly English journal of KASBS and ACBS, invites manuscripts for the publication in 2015-2016. JSBI has already started to solicit the high quality manuscripts for the publication in the journal since the last ACSB conference in Seoul last year. JSBI has already chosen 2 best research papers for the award of $1,000 each from the papers published in the journal last January. And the selection process will be continuing along 2015 until the scheduled 10 awards will be exhausted.

Learn more about submitting to JSBI


Prof. Ki-Chan Kim
16-2 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu,
K-biz(Small and Medium Business Hall) 10F,
Seoul, 150-740, Korea
Telephone: 82-2-785-2450
Email: kckim@catholic.ac.kr
Secretariat Officer
Hyunah Lee
Assistant Administrator
Korea Association of Small Business Studies (KASBS)
16-2 (Small and Medium Business Hall 10F), Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu
Seoul (150-740), KOREA
Tel: 82-2-785-2450
Fax: 82-2-780-1416
Email: kasbs@kasbs.or.kr
Dr. Yong Jin Kim
35 Baekbeon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-742, Korea
Office: 82-2-705-8858
Fax: 82-2-705-8519
Email: yongjkim@sogang.ac.kr