Salerno University Proceedings

ISBN-13: 978-1-7324980-1-3

Developing sustainable smart territories by adopting a relational logic view”. View
Marco Pellicano, Vittoria Marino, Nicola Capolupo, Mario D’Arco

“Digital Social Responsibility: the role of Information Technologies and CIO in Corporate Social Responsibility”. View
Davide Viglialoro, Paolo Landoni

“What goes around comes around. Evidences from the first call for private engagement in the international development cooperation in Italy”. View
Pasquale de Muro, Lucia Marchegiani, Carlo Alberto Pratesi, Grazia Sgarra

“Internationalisation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem: The case of BioInnovate Entrepreneurship Programme”. View
Natasha Evers

“Smart cities and service Systems: towards social innovation.” View
Aurelio Tommasetti, Francesco Polese, Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Antonella Monda

“Higher education, innovation and entrepreneurship: a combined Italy-Colombia Master’s degree”. View
Maddalena della Volpe

“Higher Education, Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship in Mexico: Toward the building of local Ecosystems”. View
Martin Ramirez-Urquidy, Roberto Fuentes, Talia Romero

“How To Move Towards a Cross Cultural Perspective applied to Entrepreneurship? The Integrative Propositional Analysis”. View
Chiara Cannavale, Bice Della Piana, Elena Laurenza,  Steve Wallis

“University serving learning supporting social small business to overcome poverty”. View
Alejandro Mungaray-Lagarda; Natanael Ramírez-Angulo; Germán Osorio-Novela; Martín Ramírez-Urquidy

“A Cross-Cultural Perspective Applied To The Analysis Of The Countries’ Talent Pool Composition”. View
Maria Del Sorbo, Bice Della Piana, Marco Meneguzzo

“Triple Helix and Academic Entrepreneurial Intention”. View
Altaf Hussain

“Sustainable Entrepreneurial Growth in GCC”  View
Alexandrina Maria Pauceanu

“Are user innovators also humane entrepreneurs? Ideas for an Exploratory Study” View
Francesco Schiavone, Helena Canhão, Pedro Oliveira, Giorgia Rivieccio

“Value-Integration Model of Human-Centered Teaching-Research-Service: A Case Study of Taxi in Taiwan” View
Sheng-Tsung Samuel Hou

“Concrete Actions in Human  Entrepreneurship: The Case of Patagonia Inc” View
Vittoria Marino, Mario D’Arco, Gennaro Marione

“Social Innovation: A multi-lens approach to framing the discussion”. View
Bastian Thomsen, Kent Neupert

“The role of social finance to sustain social innovation: an empirical analysis on social impact bonds”. View
Alfonso Del Giudice, Carmen Gallucci

“Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: moving the relation forward. A bibliometric literature review.” View
Luigi Corvo, Marco Meneguzzo, Corrado Cuccurullo

“Employing Multiple Strategic Orientations leading to enhance the Social Entrepreneurial Orientation, Social Innovation and EP”.  View
Francesco Polese, Maria Vincenza Ciasullo, Parisah Sabbagh

“Social entrepreneurship as a tool to promote refugee entrepreneurship.  Entrepreneurial Training Initiative in food and beverage industry by a tool of social entrepreneurship in Germany”. View
Hartmut Meyer

“A socially innovative Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) using communities to promote societal inclusion”. View
Kathryn Anne Nel; Saraswathie Govender

“Entrepreneurial propensity of German students in the pre-start-up process.” View
Walter Ruda

“Levels of openness to Industry  4.0 and performance. An empirical analysis of manufacturing companies”. View
Giacomo Buchi, Monica Cugno, Rebecca Castagnoli

“Proof-of-concept  model  for  technology  transfer:  an  empirical  evidence from  Italy”. View
Maria Carmela Passarelli

“Technology  transfer  models  for  Smart  Specialization  Strategies  (S3)”. View
Maria Carmela Passarelli

“Entrepreneurial Leadership by Design – Creating Shared Value”  View
Michele Rusk

“New-born  female  innovative  startups. do women in business underperform?” View
Paola Demartini

“Italian women’s entrepreneurial intention: impact of context embeddedness and public policies”. View
Pierluigi Rippa, Gabriella Ferruzzi,  Lorella Cannavacciuolo, Guido Capaldo, Mario Raffa

“Benjamin Button” & subjective age — fighting time? Effects of rejuvenating trend on entrepreneurial intention among the elderly”. View
Adnane Maalaoui, Judith Partouche , Imen Safraou

“The role of Entrepreneurial Quality in Equity Crowdfunding success: An explorative analysis of Italian platforms” View
Mario Sorrentino

“Humane Orientation and EO, Performance Model: Serial multiple mediator model.”
Kim Ki-Chan

“Humane Entrepreneurship into Human centered Enterprise.”
Yong Jin Kim

“Embedding Humane Entrepreneurship into Organizations.”
Chang Seok Song

“Managing  technology  and  value  co-creation  in service  ecosystems: toward  social  innovation”. View
Orlando Troisi, Mara Grimaldi, Francesca Loia

“The Effect of Financial and Nonfinancial Goals on Performance: An Empirical Application of Humane Entrepreneurship theory in Family Firms’ Context” View
Carmen Gallucci, Rosalia Santulli